How to Clean and Wash Makeup Sponges at Home? (Helpful Tips)

how to clean makeup sponges

If you wear makeup, you know that one of the most important tools in your arsenal is the humble makeup sponge. Makeup sponges are great for a seamless application when applying your foundation, concealer, or powder.

If you use your makeup sponge on a daily basis, then you know how important it is to keep it clean. Otherwise, you run the risk of transferring bacteria from your face to the sponge, which can lead to breakouts or infections.

An estimated 80% of women use makeup sponges to apply foundation, and most don’t know how to properly clean them. If not cleaned, makeup sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Luckily, cleaning and washing your makeup sponge is easy to do, and you can do it at home.

In this article, we’ll show you how to clean and wash your makeup sponge at home so that it stays clean and can prolong the life of your sponges..

Can You Wash Your Makeup Sponge at Home?

Most people use makeup sponges to apply their foundation, concealer, and powder. It’s truly one of a kind makeup tools to do so many things. So many products were put into the makeup sponge that so much residue and dirt resides in it. 

After a while, you notice that your makeup sponge is not performing as it should. The color is not the same as when you bought it. You are considering cleaning it with water. As you know, water is the universal cleaner. 

But can you wash your makeup sponge? The short answer is yes! 

It is safe and recommended to wash your makeup sponge after each use to prevent the buildup of bacteria and prevent the spread of infection. If you have any cuts or abrasions on your face, using a dirty makeup sponge can actually spread infection.

Washing and cleaning your makeup sponge may reduce the risk of irritation. Using a dirty makeup sponge can also irritate your skin, so it’s best to keep it clean.

How To Clean A Makeup Sponge With Soap and Water

Cleaning your makeup sponge regularly is important for maintaining clear, healthy skin. And it only takes a few minutes to do!

Here’s how to clean them with soap and water:

  1. Wet your makeup sponge. Under running water, squeeze your sponges until they are totally soaked and stretched.
  2. Put in the soap or cleaner. If using a liquid cleaner, pour the liquid straight onto the damp sponge and begin rubbing, squeezing, and pushing it into the palm of your moist hand. Doing this will work the cleaning into the sponge’s core. If using bar soap, rub the sponge against the bar while exerting pressure to create lather.
  3. Rinse. Squeeze the sponge until the water flows clear, then dry it.

How To Clean Your Makeup Sponge in a Soak

If your sponge is so dirty, I mean so dirty that you can’t remember what color it was when you bought it, you might want to soak it for a little longer. 

Here is what you should do:

  1. Make a soap bath by using your sink or a small bowl. Put water and liquid soap in it. If you’re very concerned about killing bacteria and want to target them at the same time, use boiling water instead.
  2. Put your sponges into the mixture and let them soak for a little while. It takes some time to loosen the makeup and any dirt from the sponges.
  3. When the time is up, squeeze your sponge gently to force the soap solution out. Add a bit more soap to any spots that require further attention and massage it into your palm. 
  4. Don’t forget the last step to thoroughly rinse with running warm water.

How To Clean Your Makeup Sponge in Washing Machine

If you’re anything like us, your makeup sponge gets a workout. Whether you’re using it to apply foundation, concealer, or powder, it picks up a lot of product and can start to look pretty grimy after a few uses. 

The good news is that you can clean your makeup sponge in the washing machine! Just follow these simple steps and your sponge will be good as new.

Step 1. Wet your sponge and squirt some liquid laundry detergent on it. 

Step 2. Create a lather by rubbing the sponge together.

Step 3.Throw it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. 

Step 4. When the cycle is finished, allow the sponge to air dry completely before using it again.

Not only is this method quick and convenient, but it’s also effective at getting rid of all the built-up dirt and bacteria that can accumulate on your sponge over time. So go ahead and toss your sponge in the next time you’re doing laundry – your skin will thank you for it!

How To Clean Your Makeup Sponge in the Microwave

Cleaning your makeup sponge in the microwave at home is a quick and easy way to keep it clean and bacteria-free. Plus, it’ll help your makeup look its best.

Here are a few steps to do it:

Step 1: Mix water and soap together.

Using a microwave-safe cup (a mug works great), just mix water and a few pumps of dish soap or liquid cleaners. There is no need for accurate measurements; only ensure that the sponge can be completely soaked. Put clean water on your sponge, and then put it in the soapy water. You can also add a little olive oil to make it even cleaner.

Step 2: Heat up the microwave.

Warm the cup for about a minute in the microwave, and then set it down to cool. The sponge should be clean. Dirt and foundations, previously in the sponge, now should be present in the liquid.

Step 3: Rinse and squeeze.

Give it one last rinse under running clean water before squeezing out any leftover foundation. Leave it out to air-dry.

How Often Should You Clean Your Beauty Blender?

In an ideal world, you should clean it right after you use it. However, because that is never going to happen, most experts believe that you should wash and clean your Beautyblender or cosmetic sponge at least once a week.

Thankfully, cleaning your makeup sponge is not too time-consuming. There are a million makeup brush and sponge cleansers available on the market. 

You may follow YouTube instructions that assist you through the procedure, regardless of whether you’re using a cleansing pad, your hand, or dish soap. Please continue reading and wash your sponges tonight.

Tips To Extend Makeup Sponge Life Usage

If you want your makeup sponge to last longer, there are a few things you can do. 

  • After every use, wash them. This will help to remove any bacteria or dirt that could cause the sponge to break down. 
  • Before using a cleaning solution, wet your sponge but not too much. Try to avoid using too much water and cleaning solution when cleaning the sponge. Too much water and cleaning agents can cause the sponge to swell and fall apart.
  • Focus your attention on extremely dirty and discolored areas. 
  • Wash them until the water comes out clear.
  • Ensure that the sponges are completely dry before using or storing them.
  • Finally, be sure to store the sponge in a cool, dry place when not in use. This will help to keep the sponge from drying out and becoming brittle. 

When to Throw Away Your Dirty Makeup Sponge

When it comes to makeup sponges, it’s better to play it safe and throw them away after just a few uses. 

Even if you’re diligent about cleaning your sponge, it’s nearly impossible to get all the dirt and bacteria out. And since sponges are so absorbent, they can quickly become a breeding ground for germs.

So what’s the best way to keep your makeup sponge clean? The answer is simple: toss it after a few uses and start fresh with a new one.

It may seem like a waste, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Plus, there are plenty of affordable options out there, so you don’t have to break the bank to keep your makeup routine germ-free.

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