Sun Safe Crystals: How to Protect Your Precious Gems from Sun Damage

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Crystals have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many people have started collecting them as a hobby. Crystals have been believed to have spiritual and healing properties for centuries, and people often keep them in their homes for their beauty and positive energy. 

If you’re a crystal collector, you know that each of your precious stones has a unique beauty and energy that adds to the ambiance of your space. But did you know that some crystals can be sensitive to the sun? 

Sunlight can cause some crystals to fade or even change color, leading to disappointment for crystal enthusiasts who want to showcase their collection. That’s why it’s essential to understand how to protect your sun-sensitive crystals and invest in sun safe crystals. 

In this article, we will discuss sun safe crystals, what they are, and how to enjoy your crystal collection without risking damage.

Sun Safe Crystals: What Are They?

Sun safe crystals are crystals that are resistant to sunlight and do not fade when exposed to sunlight. These crystals are perfect for outdoor use and can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. Sun safe crystals are made using a process called irradiation, which involves exposing the crystal to high-energy radiation to alter its physical and chemical properties.

Irradiation is a common practice in the gemstone industry, and it is used to enhance the color of certain gemstones, such as diamonds and topaz. However, not all crystals can be irradiated, and it is important to know which crystals are safe to expose to sunlight and which are not.

Best Sun Safe Crystals

Sun safe crystals are great for creating outdoor decor and garden displays. They can also be used for healing and meditation outdoors without fear of damage due to exposure to sunlight. With their resilience and vibrant colors, sun safe crystals can make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space.

If you’re interested in building an outdoor crystal collection, here are some of the best sun safe crystals to consider:

  1. Citrine: This bright and sunny crystal is one of the best sun-safe options. It is known to promote happiness, confidence, and abundance.
  2. Amber: Amber is a warm and inviting crystal that can bring a sense of grounding and protection. It is known for its ability to help with stress relief and is a great option for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.
  3. Moonstone: This shimmering crystal is a great choice for sun protection, as it is known to help deflect harmful rays. It is also said to help with emotional balance and intuition.
  4. Garnet: Garnet is a beautiful and powerful crystal that is known to bring energy and vitality. It is a great option for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and need protection from the sun’s rays.
  5. Black Tourmaline: This protective crystal is known to help deflect negative energy and can also help protect against the harmful effects of the sun.
  6. Aquamarine: This soothing crystal is known for its ability to promote calm and clear communication. It is also a great option for sun protection, as it can help deflect harmful rays.
  7. Rose Quartz: This lovely pink crystal is known for its ability to promote love and compassion. It is also said to help protect against the harmful effects of the sun.
  8. Selenite: This beautiful crystal is known for its ability to promote clarity and positivity. It can also help protect against the harmful effects of the sun.

Crystals That Fade in Sunlight

Crystals that fade in sunlight, also known as “sun-sensitive crystals,” are crystals that change their color or become discolored when exposed to sunlight. This occurs because of a process called photochromism, where a substance changes its color or becomes discolored when exposed to light. This can happen due to the rearrangement of molecules or the breaking of chemical bonds.

The most common sun-sensitive crystals are fluorite, amethyst, rose quartz, kunzite, aventurine, and topaz. These crystals are sensitive to UV rays and should be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Below is a table of some popular crystals and their sensitivity to sunlight:

CrystalSensitivity to Sunlight
Rose QuartzSensitive
CitrineSun Safe
Smoky QuartzSun Safe
Clear QuartzSun Safe
CarnelianSun Safe
Tiger’s EyeSun Safe

It is important to note that sensitivity to sunlight can vary depending on the quality and origin of the crystal. It is always best to consult with a reputable crystal dealer or do research on specific crystals before exposing them to sunlight.

How to Care for Sun Safe Crystals to Maintain Their Appearance

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If you have sun-sensitive crystals in your collection, there are a few ways to enjoy them without risking damage:

  • Display them indoors: The easiest way to protect your sun-sensitive crystals from sunlight is to display them indoors, away from direct sunlight. You can still enjoy their beauty and energy by placing them on a windowsill or in a sunny room, as long as they are not in direct sunlight.
  • Carry them in your pocket: If you don’t want to wear your crystals as jewelry, you can carry them in your pocket or purse. This will allow you to keep them close to you without having to wear them.
  • Use a UV-blocking glass case: If you want to display your crystals in direct sunlight, you can use a UV-blocking glass case to protect them. These cases filter out UV rays, which can cause damage to your crystals over time.
  • Rotate your collection: If you have a large crystal collection, consider rotating the crystals you display in direct sunlight. This will give your sun-sensitive crystals a break from the sun and allow them to recharge in the shade.
  • Use sun-safe alternatives: If you want to display crystals outdoors, consider using sun-safe alternatives to sun-sensitive crystals. Some sun-safe crystals include citrine, smoky quartz, and clear quartz.

Can Crystals Lose Their Color Permanently?

Exposure to sunlight can cause some crystals to lose their color over time. But can they lose their color permanently?

The answer is not a simple one. It depends on the type of crystal, the length of exposure, and the intensity of the sunlight. Some crystals may only experience a temporary change in color and regain their vibrancy once removed from sunlight, while others may lose their color permanently.

One example of a crystal that can lose its color permanently is amethyst. This popular purple crystal can fade to a light brown or grayish color if exposed to sunlight for extended periods. Once the color has faded, it is unlikely to return to its original shade, leaving the crystal looking dull and lifeless.

Another crystal that can lose its color permanently is citrine. This yellow-orange crystal is known for its vibrant color, but it can quickly fade to a pale yellow or clear color when exposed to sunlight. Once the color has faded, it is unlikely to return, and the crystal will lose its value and beauty.

However, not all crystals will lose their color permanently. Some crystals, such as clear quartz or rose quartz, may experience temporary changes in color when exposed to sunlight, but will return to their original shade once removed from direct sunlight. It is essential to remember that each crystal is unique and may react differently to sunlight.


Sun-safe crystals are a beautiful and effective way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. By choosing the right crystals and using them in the right way, you can enjoy the sun safely and without worry. So why not add some sun-safe crystals to your collection today and start enjoying the benefits of their protective energy?

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